Using JD for Junk organisation

Hi, I’ve read a bit about the JD system as I got it recommended by a friend when looking for ways to organise by PC and I was wondering if this system would actually work. You see, for what I gather this thing is really nice to organise “life stuff”: work documents, travel documents, insurance policies etc. But what about the more “junk/archival-ish” stuff? Thinks like: camera photos, games, the six distinct meme folders that I shamelessly copied for old pc to new one 5 years ago and never sorted? My crochet pattern collection. That weird 100 page pdf describing the made up language of clown people that I found and kept around to read later

I dunno I haven’t looked into the system much yet so maybe the answers are out there but to me so far it seems to clarify them because it’s hard to decide what is “deserving” of a box and what is too big to be just an ID? Would this system work for organising some seemingly random data so I don’t have folders all over the place? Do you have recommendations of other systems that I could look into if this isn’t exactly the thing that I need?

Similar thread here. Have a flick through that and let us know if it answers your question.