Using J.D System for my Business and 2 private persons

Hello there,

I’m currently testing out J.D to backup my files and folders.

At the moment I use the DataCurator file tree from github.

So right now my current tree is like this, for the invoices I write to my customers:

Documents → Business → Business name → Invoices → Year → Month → Invoices files

And then I also have:

Documents → Business → Business name → Expenses → Company name → Billing file

It’s horrible deep and definitely not intuitive, so I might a little help here to fix that.

My idea was to go with something like this:

10-19 Finances
   11 Banking
      11.01 Statements - Person A
      11.02 Statements - Person B
      11.03 Statements - Business
   12 Taxes
   13 Invoices
   14 Expenses
20-29 Documents
   21 Personal
      21.01 Personal A
      21.02 Personal B
      21.03 Personal C
30-39 Software
   31 Applications
   32 Drivers
      32.01 CPU
      32.02 GPU
      32.03 Sound
   33 Tools
   34 Scripts
40-49 Media
   41 Pictures
   42 Videos
   43 Logos
   44 Stocks
50-59 Personal
   51 Person A
   52 Person B
   53 Projects
60-69 Archives
   61 Profiles
   62 Backups

It’s not fully finished yet, but that’s the main idea so far.

Important for me personally are the documents for my business such as invoices, taxes, expenses and all that, then the backups of some personal files and documents from me and then from my girlfriend.

If the structure is set I will back them up to an in-house server, USB Stick and also to a cloud server which will be encrypted.

How do I go from here? For example how should I go with the bank statements, should I do 11.01.01 Year 2021 then 11.01.02 Year 2022 and so on?

Thank you very much!

I like how simple this feels. This post has some details about the personal system that I have been using for 10 years now. My 10-19 captures most of my personal life as per that post.

I then have 30-39 is the company that I run (just a single person thing so it doesn’t need to be big), it has finances and contracts etc.

Then my remaining areas I use for the larger projects in my life. So Johnny.Decimal started as 50-59 (but has now grown to be its own project.

Yeah I don’t see anything wrong with that.

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