My evolving J.D structure

I had 10-19 Personal, daily life which covered most of my life for a long time. In there we had:

  • 11 Process: as in ‘a process to execute’, i.e. a thing to do. “Get a new passport”.
  • 12 People & Orgs didn’t work so well for me, I’ll talk about this another day.
  • 13 Finance for all the stuff you expect.
  • 14 Knowledge for anything I wanted to learn, remember, etc. This was handy and worked well.
  • 15 Technical, this is where your cloudy/computery things would go.
  • 16 Travel I guess you’re all familiar with if you read the site. Still one of my favourites, it’s so nice to have all of your documentation in one place when you go on a trip.
  • 17 Entertainment for concert tickets and the like.
  • 18 I think I might have used at one point but I killed it. Unused.
  • 19 House & home for all that sort of stuff. For me that’s mostly just rental agreements as that’s what I do, so mine is pretty uncomplicated.

And really, that covered most of my (uncomplicated, single, child-free, no-car-or-house-owning) life.

I had 20-29 Personal, projects whose structure mirrored this but I’d no longer recommend that. Who can remember what’s “daily life” and what’s a “project”? What when one moves from one to the other? Not worth it.