Storing notes inside the file folder

Hey, I have tried many things over the months with J.D. But I really need to keep the notes that relate to the folder inside the file folder itself; there if very few, if any, notes that I need to take that directly link to my J.D files, but it’s still going to be useful.
Using a separate app or vault for the notes doesn’t make sense as there will be very few of them, and the extra friction of having notes and files in two distinct places makes it so that, I will only discover the notes for the files when I ACTUALLY search for notes relating to that file!

So, I need an app to read .md notes quickly to open them from the folder conveniently and to create them—but I want them stored inside the file folder and not in a separate location like with Obsidian. (nor SimpleNote, the recommended app)

I’m wondering if someone was in the same situation as me. Or, if not, has a recommendation on what to use to fulfil my needs?

Thanks a lot!

Hey, I use iA writer for that purpose (there is a setting where it will ask where to save new files, instead of e.g. iCloud library). This way I can create and edit .md files stored in the file system. To search and open a .md file I often use spotlight or raycast command line and the file opens in iA (both previews the .md file also)

Is there areason you can’t just point Obsidian to the your JD folder as its vault?

I’ve variously used:

  • TextEdit (hardcore!)
  • Typora (pretty)
  • VSCode (l33t)
  • Other ‘it’s just a text editor’ editors that I can’t remember
  • Oh BBEdit (quick)