Now at least I know where to look

I must admit that I cheat an awful lot with my personal J.D system. I put loose files in category folders, I sometimes go a level too deep. Sometimes I don’t even number things. Gasp!

But… I find that using even my loose version of J.D I am much more likely to find things quickly. And allowing myself to cheat a little has helped with some of the friction I found when trying to figure out where stuff should go. And yes, for some reason I remember the folder numbers even when only used occasionally, e.g. “Taxes are in 23”. I love it.

Anyway, I’ve been away from the forums for a bit but wanted to catch up, say hello, and reiterate my endorsement of the entire J.D enterprise. :slight_smile:


Hey Jack! Good to see your face, I hope you’re well. Same to all of the regulars here, it’s been a while, things are quiet, but I hope you’re all fine and healthy.

Just coming out of a cold winter here in Canberra, Australia. The days are getting longer and there’s no longer frost on the ground in the morning. We are in lockdown, like a lot of Australia – we’ve managed to escape it, but the state of NSW which totally surrounds us is running rampant with the ol’ COVID and so it was always going to reach us eventually. I have a house with a garden which makes a massive difference.

I’m running a ‘how to JD’ course at work tomorrow! Still spreading the word. And I’m slowly slowly still working on some software but it’s very much just the time that I can scrape together on the weekend and, like I’ve said before, I’m kinda lazy. :upside_down_face:

Would it be possible for you to share a recording of your workshop?

Honestly it was a bit of a mess! First time, just my team, so I kinda rambled.

But I’d be very happy to put together something on YouTube. What would you like to see?

Hold that thought, starting new thread.


What drove that home for me was when I went to the new local supermarket, they had a central path with perpendicular side paths with the shelves. Each of the side paths is numbered, so I know “organic” is in path 5,spices in 7, etc.

Then when someone recently mentioned JD, and I looked at it (again), it suddenly clicked for me. I am happy I adopted the JD system.

As for “cheating”, I did a bit of that when I started off setting up JD, but found it actually increased friction for me. The JD system forces you to think carefully whether a file is worth keeping and exactly in which location.

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