If I was to YouTube/Twitch/Zoom, what would be helpful?

@ks84 asked elsewhere if I could share a video of a workshop I did at work. Besides being a crappy workshop it was mostly audio-only, but it’s an interesting thought: if I was to put together some sort of video/series, what would you all like to see?

Would anyone be interested in sharing a setup that we could talk through? I’ve got a ton of examples that I can do solo but that might also be interesting.

All ideas please, let’s do it.

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Thanks for taking this up. I think I would like to see the process of JDifying your setup from start to finish. What are the decision points and how your retirement inform your choices.

If you want to make it a regular series, I would suggest looking at the omni show for inspiration, but for JD.

Omni as in the venerable Omni Group of OmniFocus fame? (Big fan, but don’t watch/aren’t aware of a show.)

Correct. The Omni show is a podcast series where they invite different people to come and talk about how they use Omni products including Omnifocus. Very useful for picking up new ideas.

I’d be interested in a diving deeper into a few specifics should as:

  • Distinction between the AC.ID and PRO.AC.ID methods and who one might run both systems at the same time. Or just the PRO version for all things.
  • Methods of use, such as using an index vs “everything is a file”.
  • Workflows! Take us through a “day in the life”

Thanks all, my job is ridiculous at the minute so I’ll add this to the list of things I’d like to do. But don’t hold your breath, sorry. :frowning:

Screencasts on YouTube, sure.

Twitch/Zoom? Meh. We’ve used Zoom a few times w/ friends back in Mexico. It was laggy as hell. Never used Twitch, don’t plan to start. :man_shrugging:

(where’s a good ‘boomer’ emoji? lol)

Ha! Noted. I’m 45 so old enough also to be grouchy. Twitch is confusing as hell.

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