Index tool - Treesheets

I use alot of different software tools to optimize / speed up things.

Been in love with Logseq since April 2023 - and I’m doing my JD index there.

But when I discovered JD, my first hunch was to do the index in a tool that I’ve used for many years (and still use heavily).

It is PERFECT for doing the index (or mind-mapping structure)

Tip, if relevant for anyone:

(shout-out to Wouter Van Oortmerssen, who’s made Treesheets)

User interface is perhaps a bit strange and unfamiliar when you run it the first time, but do the tutorial - and then magic happens!

I used treesheets when building my JD system too!

I considered using it to keep and maintain my index too … the combination between zoom and text resize is so powerful.

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My top function is the Ctrl + Alt + F10 to expand all selected levels and Ctrl + Shift + F10 to collapse them.
And the F5 hotkey to open file/link/folder.

I’ve managed HUGE amounts of information in Treesheets - I know of no other tool that could have provided the same functionality and speed. It really feels like having a superpower :superhero: :joy:

Copy-pasting style/color with Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+Shift+V is also mighty. Excel has a run for it’s money.

When exporting to .html, I can then copy-paste to Excel (in case I need to exchange with users that don’t use Treesheets).

thanks for the tips. I hadn’t found those keyboard shortcuts yet.

I immediately saw the power of treesheets when I found it recenty – I’ve been imagining and wishing for this kind of software for years!

Unfortunately there seem to be a few things broken on Linux and/or not configurable, relating to import/export and opening links in external programs.

So I can’t use it to keep ‘everything’ in. But it is definitely a new tool in my toolbox, for certain things.

Excel has a run for it’s money.

For sure. The experimental math functions are also really cool, but it doesn’t seem like the developer needs that so much because it looks like not much recent new development.

But for anyone reading this – definitely worth checking out!

I agree the math functionality in Treesheets is not so extensive, but I use Treesheets–>Excel a lot do structured documentation (text and contents) - and for creating nice, tabular data with styling and moving things around - or fill in templates in a quick way and doing color/markings, Treesheets has the upper hand above Excel.

The competing functions from Excel are;

  • If you select a column/row - and then put your marker on the “edge”, you get this Cross-icon. If you then hold down Shift key, you can drag-drop the column or row to another place (move it). (I wish I knew that sooner, I always felt trapped in Excel before I figured that one out. I was many years old before I found out…)

  • If you wish to color or change style to cells in a quick way in Excel, F4 keypress repeats the last action that was performed.

But I still work WAY FASTER with such operations in Treesheets.

So yeah, to those who are intrigued; Treesheets is special! <3