Index structure when file per ID

The docs mention that 00.00 is the index, and a preference for using a note per ID in the index. What does that look like in practice? Does 00.00 contain a long flat list of files? Does it mirror the main folder structure? Do you have pages for categories too?

New to the system, trying to get set up in Obsidian, and it feels weird to have my index note so “far away” from the files to which it relates, which are living in other areas of the folder tree. But I suppose that’s the point of having the index, so the files can live wherever? Trying out a few different approaches but others’ experience is appreciated!

If you’re using one note per ID, that note is the index entry. You don’t also need another note.

For example here’s Bear, filtered on tags just to show my D85 Johnny.Decimal business project. All those notes down the left are the index entries themselves. The one I have selected also happens to have some content, but many of them don’t. They’re just the note with a title.

And so to find an ID you just find a note. Same action.


Right, got that, love it. But where does that note live in this system? Is it under 00.00? Is it in the D85.43.13 folder?

I’m trying both approaches and realize that there probably isn’t a “right” answer but trying to at least follow along the “official” system as closely as I can at first. Thanks for the quick response!

This might be a difference in how Bear works vs. Obsidian. In Bear the note is just in Bear. I mean it’s probably in my FS somewhere but it’ll be deep in ~/Library and I don’t need to care.

Obsidian just shows you .md files in folders yeah? I’ve never used it. In this case I think stashing them all in 00.00 Index is the answer.

Okay gotcha, that makes sense. Obsidian is notes & folders, yes, and most of my life is in there so that’s my main JD folder tree. Thanks for letting me bounce that off you.

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