Consensus Category Catalog

I recall reading a post on this forum where the idea was floated to “compare categories” that different users have set up. The purpose would be to serve as inspiration for our own efforts.

After looking at my Index, I’m kind of annoyed that I have yet to include everything that I want. Is there a central place to critique and/or share Indexes? (Is that the correct phrase to refer to the entire outline?)

This forum is the place! When we have a few examples we need to figure out how to create a proper index … when we have even more examples I can move them to the website proper.

I call them “systems” vs. “indexes”. I’d consider part of a system still a system, so a block of categories that do/provide a certain thing. But am happy to hear suggestions, it’s just the word in my brain and might not be the best one.

(I’m spending all of my spare JD time writing an app to help track numbers & notes, so forgive me not spending too much time here on the forum … hard fitting it all in with a day job too.)

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