New category: 'Systems'

@Anklebuster A new category for talk specifically about your own system, example systems, etc. :slight_smile:

(For the historical record, ref. this post.)


Have I confused the terms here? Or should I rename the other category (‘The J.D System’)? Lemme know.

Thanks for creating a category for discussion!

As for the title, I’m not sure. “Systems” might make one think of tools for using JD. How about “Set-ups” or some term specific to the outlines we use to present our JD structures. (Hmmm…“Structures”, “Outlines”?)

I’ll be getting a new computer next week. In a perfect world, I could set up a Johnny.Decimal folder structure and never again wonder where my files are.

The challenge is getting just the right set of categories. I’m not overly happy with my current outline:

00 Johnny Decimal Development
01 Protocols
02 Inbox (Unassigned)
02.01 PDF
02.02 TXT
02.03 Word Documents
02.04 Excel Documents
02.05 Access Databases
03 Idea Debt consolidation
10-19 Finance
11 Death
12 Taxes
12.01 Returns
12.02 Records
13 Income
14 Expenses
14.01 Domains and Hosting
14.02 Online subscriptions
14.03 Online software
14.04 Online documents
14.05 Household
15 Assets
15.01 Checking
15.02 Savings
15.03 Investments
16 Liabilities
17 Social Security
17.01 Statements
18 Medicare
19 Tracking
19.01 Game Plan
19.02 Money-making Ideas
20-29 Creative
21 Game Design
21.01 Hot Cross Zombies
22 Puzzles
23 Stories
23.01 Kleptocracy (Twine)
24 Courses
24.01 7-minute Course Creator
24.02 BC Stack 2021
30-39 Projects (Non-GPS)
31 Excel Simulations
32 Software Inventory Manager
40-49 Freelancing
41 Clients
41.01 Direct
41.02 Upwork
41.03 Fiverr
42 Portfolio
43 Marketing
43.01 Affiliate Marketing
44 Courses

I’m using @ekafyi 's Drag and Drop app, so making changes is a painless process. I manage 00-09 manually, since the app starts with 10-19.

I would love to see some other setups and also to get some feedback on mine.

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“Sharing your setup”?


That works :slight_smile: It also promotes engagement.

Just setting up a JD system - it would be SO GREAT to see examples for personal and business setups. Thank you @Anklebuster for the example below - gave me a couple of big “oh yeahs!”. :slight_smile:

I’m having a great time - I’m merging 2 dropbox systems, 2 google drives, iCloud Drive and local file storage into one system. Feels amazing.

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That’s great! Sounds like you have a major consolidation project in the works. I’m glad you liked some of my categories. Funny thing: even though I don’t particularly like the overall division that I’ve chosen, I have gotten used to them! So much so, that I recreated the entire folder structure on my new laptop.

I have posted it in Discord here: