Working on the Index - Please Provide Feedback

Hello everyone,

I purchased the system a couple of weeks ago and have been digesting the workbook. I spent some time sticking notes on a wall (will probably think of more things in the future) and have come up with a first pass at my index. Please take a look at it and throw darts where you think things will fall into problems. I already have one spot that I think will give me trouble later. Let me lay out the index (Oh, these are not in any particular order – I starting typing at the top most post-it notes after grouping them).

00.00 Index
10-19 Personal Life
	10 Travel & Vacation
		10.01 vacation planning
		10.02 skiing (should these be hobbies?)
		10.03 scuba diving (should these be hobbies?)
	11 Children
		11.01 school
		11.02 sports
		11.03 chess
	12 Financial
		12.01 bank statements (multiple banks)
		12.02 credit card statements (multiple)
		12.03 investment statements (multiple brokerages)
		12.04 car insurance
		12.05 home insurance
		12.06 medical insurance
		12.07 life insurance
		12.08 taxes
	13 Household
		13.01 home maintenance
		13.02 car maintenance
20-29 Cottage business
	20 Name of business
		20.01 incorporation paperwork
30-39 Hobbies
	30 Computer Related
		30.01 programming
		30.02 raspberry pi projects
		30.03 web hosted projects
		30.04 home automation
		30.05 flight sim forum
	31 Flying
		31.01 planes
		31.02 flight plans
		31.03 receipts
	32 Photography
		32.01 cameras
		32.02 locations
		32.03 lenses and gear
	33 Cooking
		33.01 recipes
	34 Amateur radio
		34.01 FCC license paperwork
		34.01 radios
		34.02 antennas
		34.03 log book

Does this structure seem like a good starting point? Am I off the mark on some basic level on how to structure all of this? I feel that I am already at the “two levels” deep. For example my camera gear, would I just dump all sorts of files and information and what not into a file system on my computer under 32.03? I wouldn’t create any further folders underneath that, correct?

I am looking forward to feedback. Good and bad. Hopefully more bad otherwise I won’t learn anything.

Thank you.

As a first cut this feels pretty good to me!

Damn. :wink:

No seriously, as a first go I think you’re 100% on the right track. Especially as there’s no ‘right’ answer here. It feels good to me. Does it feel good to you?