Workbook help: 20-29 Discovery

This post is for issues specifically and only to do with the Johnny.Decimal Workbook area: 20-29 Discovery.

14.02 The Decimal Workbook║J•D

If you have completed this Workbook area and anything is unclear, please:

  1. Search this post to see if someone else has already asked the same question.
  2. If not, post your question with as much information as possible.
  3. Note the Workbook ID that you are stuck on, e.g. 24.05 Stare at your sticky notes sometimes.

Consolidating these questions in to a single post helps me identify issues with the Workbook. If I see patterns, I’ll update it so it’s clearer for future users. Thanks for your help.

If your issue is not related to the Workbook, please start a new post.

I’ve completed this section of the workbook and wanted to drop in a suggestion for someone who doesn’t own a whiteboard / large enough wall space to put up sticky notes (or lives with someone who won’t let you deface home walls :wink:), the Canvas on Obsidian works really well as a cross-device, cross-platform solution for those who have a mixed ecosystem (Windows + iPhone → yes I know I know it’s crazy!)