What do you do about deleting files?

I’m new to this system, and I’m wondering how you can deal with deleting folders? If you delete them, wouldn’t that mess up the numbering system because there would be a gap?

I suppose you could say not to delete folders, but there might be situations when you do really want to delete a folder.

If you keep an index, it doesn’t matter.

Your file system is not your index!

Update: a corollary presents itself here.

If you do ever refer to files outside of your file system — in your email, in your notes app, whatever — then I say that you must have an independent index.

And if you do not ever refer to files outside of your file system, then who cares if you delete and re-use a number in your file system? There can be no negative consequence of doing so.

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I would even go one step further and say: If you don’t reference your file system externally, you might as well do without numbers altogether and just adopt J.D’s core principles.