What about cross sectoral topics?


I’m in the middle of implementing a JD system for all of my files. However, the process confronts me with some difficult decisions (my neurosis that it has to “feel” right and not only make sense in an objective way doesn’t help :smile: ): I wonder whether to put all admin related docs in one big Admin bucket (e.g. 10-19 Admin) or to create one admin sub folder in every project folder (e.g. 20-29 freelance project 1 > 21 Admin). The consequence of the first approach would be to only have non-admin but ‘content documents’ in my project folders.

What are your thoughts on this?

This very powerful feeling — which I totally understand — must be ignored! Otherwise you’ll end up with analysis paralysis and never get anywhere. Source: bitter experience. :frowning_face:

On the main question, there’s no right answer here. It depends how your brain works, and as long as you can find the thing later then it doesn’t matter.

Personally I’d put the Admins inside the projects. They relate to the project, keep them with the project.

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