Using “The Zeros” to document my processes

I’ve seen a lot of chatter on here about the zeroes, so I figured I’d throw something I’ve been doing into the mix.
I picked these up from a Cal Newport podcast, but I’ve found great value in having a “core systems document” describing my systems for getting things done (or limiting how much time they take), a “values document”, a document describing how I plan at different scales, a technology use document, and more.
If people are interested I can explain more about what is in each document, but the moral of the story is that these are the perfect thing for me to keep in the 00.0X numbers, or 00.1X if you prefer. These numbers are reserved for the system, and I can think of nothing more related to the system than describing the system

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I totally agree. I deviate from the “standard” zeros, but in my system, this type of document would go in 02 Meta.

Regardless, I do find it helpful define certain protocols, standards, workflows, etc. for different areas or systems in my life. I’m thinking of a few related names that I know do this: Andy Matuschak (Evergreen notes), Michael Nielsen, Jamie Todd Rubin

I think it’s interesting to learn how people define (or add limitations to) their own systems. Sometimes that inspires me to adjust my own life systems.

The core philosophy of JohnnyDecimal is one of those things that inspired me to change my organization system:

"This is all a waste of time if it doesn’t help you find things quicker, more reliably, and with less stress than you can today.

Nothing else matters."

That’s a system philosophy I would definitely want to keep in 02 Meta.

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