Using Devonthink

I am just getting into this - have bought the workbook. I have been a long time user of DevonThink, and I wonder whether I could just use a Devonthink database to both hold my electronic files and to serve as an index (with the text entries for external items written into the appropriate Devonthink group). Would love to hear anyone who has implemented JD in Devonthink - it seems to me that his could eliminate the need (and friction) of a separate note or series of notes as an index. Am I missing something?

It will depend on the format you store your index in. If it’s a separate document then Devonthink will work. If you are using the Devonthink folder hierarchy as your index then you risk it being tied to Devonthink only. There is something in the workbook about that and how multiple storage locations can get out of sync - hence the need for an index.

I’m planning on having my JD in iCloud Drive. And then using DevonThink to index my JD. Rather than have JD inside DT.