Using both a work computer and home computer

New to JD and trying to wrap my brain around several aspects.

I’m sure there are folks who use a different computer at home and at work. How do you set up your JD system in this case? Do you use one system with blanks on each end? (i.e. if 10-19 is Personal, your work computer would just not have those numbers) Do you use two different numbering systems for each computer?

I’ve thought about using a cloud service like Dropbox or iCloud to sync everywhere, but just not sure.

Any advice is most appreciated!

I’ve said this to Derek via email but I’ll put it here for the record: the index! The index solves this.

In each index entry, tell yourself where the thing is. I use a Markdown > at the top of the note just because it formats nicely in Bear.


Here I’ve got Location: MindNode. I know that this means that I’m letting MindNode manage the file, i.e. it’s stored in my iCloud/MindNode folder.

You can be more or less explicit as you like. When I worked for MyConsultingCo who contracted me out to the Department of [REDACTED], I would indicate in each of my index entries (i.e. notes in Bear) where the thing was.


This thing exists in two locations:

  • The Department of [REDACTED] computer > OneDrive.
  • My consulting company’s computer > Outlook (where it would be in folder 51.14).