Understanding J.D. in practice with bookmarks

Been busy defining/applying JD to my online life, and one thing I’ve tripped up over is the whole area/id/topic syntax. It totally makes sense, but applying it can be tricky.

Case in point, I’m using raindrops.io because after 20 years of bookmarking in chrome, I’ve decided to get serious. It makes sense to apply JD there.

So I have the Area 40-49 My Work, and in that I have Category 41 Social Network, and in that I have the ID of 41.03 for Indie Hackers.

Is this right?

In my opinion there is no right or false: YOU define, if Social Network is an area, a category or id in YOUR system. If it works and make sense for you, it’s right at all.

I have Strat & Soc (Strategy & Socials) in my 40s too!! This is a piccy of my Raindrop in case it helps, I haven’t gone any deeper than “43” though. That makes sense in my system, but like Roman said, if it works for you, then it’s the right system!

should be Raindrop.io