Tool for (quick) e-mail tags in Outlook


Was so happy when I read the section in the workbook.
E-mail IS broken.

However, there are ways.
And you need to be consistent.
Do it - or don’t.

I have about 22k work e-mails pr year, approx 50/50 in and out.

…But good things are happening.

  • We’ve developed an internal issue tracker at work, due to launch soon - that is supposed to ELIMINATE unnecessary internal e-mails. Integrated with our MOM system. insert joke here about trying to make a system that solves everything :crazy_face:

For those who are stuck on the e-mail roller coaster, here’s a tip - (from a long invested user):

  • I’ve been using Techhit Simplytag for Outlook for years.

  • Basically, it gives you the ability to use “Categories” in Outlook in an efficient way (to tag e-mails).

Quick and easy, with both incoming and outgoing.

Possible to combine with JD, in a good way.
But I’m way too far down the line to turn that supertanker around. I discovered JD too late.
I have tag structure, just not JD tag structure.

Why Microsoft hasn’t provided this as a basic functionality (and human right) natively in Outlook baffles me.

I feel every word of this. Brother, sister, friend, whoever you are: peace be with you.

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