Thoughts on Archiving stuff

I’ve read Johnny is against archiving stuff. (Reason why pending?)

But I have a hard time with that. I love the structure JD gives within AC. but I get lost from there on out.

Seeing more than 10-20 files or folders within one directory, I feel like this is a mess and unorganized.
And I end up chucking stuff in an “Archive” folder, just so I don’t have to look at it and feel calmer. As I now only see the relevant information.

Like, why scroll through 50-something “finished” projects to find the current ones (AC.62 and AC.65)? Sure, I could just sort by most recent, but then the folders would move up and down constantly, too.

Or am I just doing it wrong? Am I supposed to remember the AC.IDs of all my stuff?
(I’ve been using a “light” JD setup for about a year now. I do remember a couple folders, but most I don’t)

Sorry, I don’t mean to be negative or anything. But looking at less clutter just makes me calmer and in control. Having to see too much stuff, specially stuff that’s (currently) not relevant anymore makes me anxious and overwhelmed.

Maybe there’s a better way to handle this and just “hide” the irrelevant stuff in some way?

I agree with you and use an archive (too). That’s a reason why I combine J.D with Tiago Forte’s PARA-Method. That works fine!

Totally cool! Personally I don’t archive old IDs but I see why people would want to.

Make JD work for you. :blush: