Thoughts and tips from setting my structure again with more experience :)

I’m going through my system again to remodel it and I’ve realised what had been blocking me!! There are two things:

  • No folders inside the IDs, which has since been softened here. And a correlation is that IDs are folders, which will be important for my next point:
  • I always went back to each ID being a project. It was even possible to think like that because my projects are often so small that they could fit in just one folder.

That means I wanted a category to be “projects” and then to put each as an ID. Which means I definitely would have ended up filling my category with half-finished projects.

I have been using Obsidian for a while and now that I’m going back through the process of creating my structure (though not from scratch) with a better understanding of the tool, I think I know what’ll be relevant:

  • I’ll be keeping the IDs as type of things
  • I’ll have a category for Maps Of Contents (introduced by Nick Milo, explanations here), where most of them will be MOCs for projects (or maybe I can get away with them being at the root of my area? I’m not convinced. Time will tell)
  • I may be using tags for themes or sub-types. Some bigger projects might get tags as well, I’m not sure yet.

Also, I remember wanting to separate my TTRPG files from the rest, in another Vault, but I have links to some fictions resources as well. I’ve just realised last night that I’ll probably be separating Administrative things instead (they are a whole area) since they are actually the most specific things (and the most boring things) and it’ll help me separate the chore from the leisure time. It’s also a great way for me to have all of these shared with family. The rest of my things are really mostly personal (that’s how I realised this is the part I need to keep separate, actually).

So yeah, just my thoughts and maybe a few tips that’ll help others setting up they’re own systems :slight_smile: