The Workshop is now $150 or $50 or $0

I just made live something I’ve been wanting to do for ages.

The Workshop now has 3 prices. And you choose which to pay.

  1. You go for dinner whenever you want, drive a nice car, and your job pays well. It’s $150.
  2. You go for dinner on special occasions, drive an older car, and your job pays the bills. It’s $50.
  3. You never go for dinner, you ride the bus, because you don’t have a job. It’s free.

For a while I’ve had a link on the Workbook page that says you should mail me if you can’t afford it. And people do.

This has been incredibly rewarding, but I always felt like I was asking people to beg.

This idea of ‘scholarships’, borrowed from the Waking Up app, takes that away. Now you just click what you want.

And I trust you.

So, an experiment. Let’s see what happens. And as I say on the site:

Won’t people take advantage of this?

What ‘people’? There are no ‘people’ here.

There’s only me and you here.

So if you take advantage of this, then yeah. It’ll be ruined, and I’ll stop doing it, and go back to the old way where people who can’t afford it can’t access it and it’ll be like every other thing on the internet.

That’d be boring. Don’t make me do that.


This is such a beautiful initiative, Johnny. It shows that your heart is in the right place. :heart:


JD, the true MVP.