The Johnny.Decimal Workshop now available for pre-sale

Announcing the Johnny.Decimal Workshop: the fastest, simplest, most reliable way to organise your life.

Like my partner Lucy, your life is probably disorganised. You’ve got a Desktop full of files; to-dos all over the place; browser tabs open for weeks; and notes that you’ll never find, let alone read.

Most of us have given up. It’s really hard to be organised in 2024.

This Workshop will give you the skills you need to cope with the modern digital world. Now available for pre-sale.

Hey there, forum people. We’re doing it! This has been a lot of learning — you should see Lucy drive our video editing software[1] — and so far a lot of fun.

Fun as in the house is full of tripods and lights. Last week I did a quick trip to Lincraft for 4m of green cotton: now we have a green-screen! I love this sort of thing. I can’t believe it’s my job now.

I’ve got a lot planned for the Workshop and its follow-on material. I hope you enjoy it.

  1. DaVinci Resolve: a total game changer. Free! ↩︎

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Congratulations on launching the pre-sale :tada:

I’ve already partially implemented the Jonny.decimal system, but am keen to gain a deeper understanding so have purchased the workshop. Looking forward to learning more!


Congratulations ! Just buy it, and sure it’ll be a great addition to the workbook.

100% in! Looking forward to the Workshop!

Pre-ordered :grinning:

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We are hard at work every day!

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