Still confused on how my system (AC.ID) works outside my main app (obsidian), ie shared with multiple apps?

Hi all!

been using JD for about a year now and I love every aspect of it! thank you @johnnydecimal for your epic work!

one thing that still confused me though is how to my system works with multiple apps

to give some context I use obsidian as my main pkm and note taking app. I have a robust and working JD system using the base AC.ID which has been working well

I also use devonthink a lot as my long term/archive system, so that non .md files, pdf’s, archived data etc all live there. in addition email, apple notes etc also have some of my notes…

reading a bit on the JD website it seems to me that @johnnydecimal uses 1 index/system that spans all data across all apps, is that correct?

and if so what would be the proper way to set this up? taking into account that the actual physical files are not in the same place (ie some will be in the obsidian vault, some in the devonthink database etc)

thx ao much in advance!


Does this help?

thx @johnnydecimal !

from what I can follow this refers to copies of the same note/physical document?

what im looking at is totally independent documents (ie different files, archived notes etc) that share the same AC.ID (ie but are located in different locations ie: (located in obsidian)

and (located in devonthink)

so im wondering should I change the ID for the devonthink one (or even the AC?) or do you continuously populate files in the ID across applications ?

does that make sense? :slight_smile:

Thx a bunch!


The principle is exactly the same whether it’s a physical thing or a digital thing: using your index (of which there can be only one), tell yourself where things are.

Let’s say Obsidian is your index. By which we mean that it is the one system that contains every single ID, whether or not that ID’s information is contained there.

So you have 10.01 Citibank as the index entry. And in Obsidian it may or may not also contain actual information. In your case it does:

But it also contains the location metadata which points you to DEVONThink. Using whatever structure you prefer, but I recommend doing it below the title, in a blockquote, like this:

> Location: DEVONThink

You don’t need to tell yourself where in DEVONThink, because the answer is 10.01.