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Hey everyone. Forgive me, but I might not have mentioned here – I quit my job last week. To work on Johnny.Decimal.

This is now my sole source of income. Which is scary, because that makes my current salary $0. :joy:

No, really.

So! I just launched a Patreon. The JD site page is here [02.01], or here’s a direct link to Patreon.

This site, the idea, the vast majority of the content will always be free. I have ideas for selling in to businesses, but until I get that off the ground, this is it.

Any support would be humbling and deeply, deeply appreciated. And for the first 100 patrons there’ll be a cool, limited-to-100 sticker! Who doesn’t love a sticker?

x j.


I didn’t realise I’d pinned this for everyone. I’d clicked the button to see how it looked and immediately, so I thought, removed it. Turns out I had not.

How gauche. I apologise.