Simpler way to fix the agency problem (with small projects)

Okay, so I want some comments about my approach.

I am running a side business, which does marketing related things.
I feel like setting up complete systems for these small projects is too heavy.

That is the reason why I decided to try this kind of a structure:

20-29 My company
 21 Admin
 22 Projects
   22.01 Project 
   22.02 Project
   22.03 Project
 23 Sales & Marketing
 24 Guides & Inspiration

I feel like in my case this is the simplest, stress-free way to go. If I go over 99, I will probably just use 3 digits.

If some of my projects need a couple of subfolders, I think I will just add them. I am not convinced that those will break my system or my brain (might find out the hard way).

Also another idea would be to store the contract for that project always with the name AC.ID.00 so it will be easy to find.

I think that the two digit and two level restrictions are genious and want to follow them. This is a rare case in which I would be willing to break the rules.

Ideas, problems, comments?

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This is why I relaxed my stance on subfolders. I used to say never ever create them. But that doesn’t make sense.

As long as you create very small, very shallow structures in there, I think that’s fine.

This is the sort of thinking that I like. :ok_hand: Create standards for yourself. Love it.

I think this approach is fine for smaller, individual systems like this. I still think ‘the agency problem’ needs a solution. We’ll be addressing it in the Workshop as Lucy was a ‘creative’ and has an interest in the solution.