Setup help needed with planning

Hi @johnnydecimal

many thanks for creating this project . I have searched for years for an orga system but not see yours :smiley:

Currently im using obsidian to store all my notes what is ok.

Following (flat) setup construct i have at the moment (IT technical support) :


  • To-Do
    β†’ To-Do customer 1. #kanban board in obsidian (md file)
    β†’ To-Do customer 2 #kanban board in obsidian (md file)
  • Info-Mails
    β†’ mail xy
    β†’ mail zu
  • MDM Server 1
    β†’ configuration 1
    β†’ configuration 2
    β†’ configuration 3
    β†’ instruction PDF 1
    β†’ instruction PDF 2
    β†’ useful thing 1
    β†’ useful thing 2
  • MDM Server 2
    β†’ configuration 1
    β†’ configuration 2
    β†’ useful thing 1
    β†’ useful thing 2
    β†’ Useful Things
    β†’ useful thing 1
    β†’ useful thing 2
  • Customers
    β†’ Customer 1 # no folder , just txt/note entries with customer relevant configs
    β†’ Customer 2 # no folder , just txt/note entries with customer relevant configs
  • Topic iOS
    β†’ useful thing 1 # no folder
    β†’ useful thing 2 # no folder
  • projects
    β†’ Project 1 # no folder , just txt/note entries with project relevant configs
  • Obsidian attachment folder

Infos: Customer i have 8
projects: this are inhouse projects . Not related to a customer . They are 6
At the moment

What i think in JD:

  • When i understand your guide right i dont need the β€œmultiple projects” notation.
  • Attachments folder i leave it or take the β€œlast” numbers

  • 00-09 Meta
  • 10-19 ToDo
  • 20-29 Server
    21 Server 1
    22 Server 2
  • 30-39 Customers
    31 Customer 1
    32 Customer 2
  • 40-49 (Inhouse) Projects
    41 useful thing

Any recommondations ?

Hey, I might be away from the computer for a few days. While I’m away maybe one of the other smart people here can have a look? :upside_down_face:

Otherwise back shortly, just taking a tiny holiday.


Hi Johnny ,

that is no problem .

When somebody else have a good tip for me your can respond too :+1:

Keep in mind that each area (#.__) can have ten categories (#.__)

So IF you have more than 10 TODOs, or more than 10 servers, or more than 10 customers, or more than 10 inhouse projects, THEN you will run out of numbers.

I can imagine that especially for your projects. If you do just one project per month then this will work for less than a year.

For each of those categories, consider if it would make sense to divide them into segments or something?
So 31.__ could be general doctors, 32.__ could be dentists, 33.__ could be surgeons, etc.
Then 32.04 could be dentist Smith, 32.05 is dentist Jones, etc.

But then you have no index values for the individual files or notes within β€œ32.04” – do you need that??

Before settling on any given structure, play around with ideas about what sort of data to put at what level. This is very individual, so it’s hard to give a clear answer without knowing more about what sort of stuff you have below the levels you listed.

You can use this excellent little online tool to try out your ideas:


Thanks . The customer size is fixed

What i dont understand is this:

20-29 β†’ 21 TEST β†’ 21.01 β†’ individual file
Does the individual file should get a number or only the folders ?
When i compare it with the screenshot from JD website my file is a β€œunique thing” and in this example there is an ID number

Is it possible to create a file as β€œa second” level ?

That example i have listed is my obsidian setup . There are no levels below this level

You find the answer here: IDs go with files or folders or items? - #2 by johnnydecimal

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Ok than I leave it without a number

@johnnydecimal hopefully you had a great vacation (without J.D) :face_with_peeking_eye::sweat_smile:

Have you had time to look over my structure ?

Hey there.

This feels like you might run out of space eventually? Can you guarantee that you won’t have more than 9 servers?

I don’t think that β€˜a particular server’ is a category. Remember, a category is β€˜a type of work that you do’. Managing servers is the type of work, and each server is then an item within there: each server is an ID.

It looks like each server might have any number of things associated with it?

β†’ configuration 1
β†’ configuration 2
β†’ configuration 3
β†’ instruction PDF 1
β†’ instruction PDF 2
β†’ useful thing 1
β†’ useful thing 2

This is one of those cases where I might be tempted to break the rules and create folders in your Johnny.Decimal folders. Just make sure that those folders all follow the same pattern.

20-29 IT Management
└── 21 Servers
    └── 21.01 Server ABC001
        β”œβ”€β”€ Configurations
        β”œβ”€β”€ Instructions
        └── Useful things // give this a better name
    └── 21.02 Server XYZ987

This leaves categories 22 through 29 for other IT management stuff.