Seeking Feedback on my structure

Thanks for your feedback! I appreciate your curiosity about my numbering system. Here are some clarifications:

Regarding the use of ‘02’, it’s an area I’m still fine-tuning. My current idea is to use it for an Obsidian vault dedicated to Johnny Decimal-related notes. However, if I find it unnecessary in practice, I might repurpose or remove this category.

As for the password vaults, I initially thought of creating separate categories for each (like KeePass Finance, Bitwarden Backups, KeePass General, etc.). However, I realized they all essentially serve the same purpose, so I opted for a more streamlined approach.

Your structure definitely piqued my interest, and it seems we have similar organizational strategies. I have a few questions about your setup that might help refine mine. I’ll comment on your post to discuss further.

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