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I only briefly dabbled with the mobile app before deciding to jump feet first into getting the SDXL (32 key). The StreamDeck allows for folders within a Profile or Multiple Profiles – essentially this means you can tailor it to your needs. In the case of a JD setup I am tossing back the idea of one profile (button) on my home SD page that would link me to another SD page that would show JD multiple folders (represented as buttons) for each of the JD areas. Once pressed those folders/button Categories. The Category buttons once pressed would then open up the related folders on my HardDrive(s) – or link to whatever app I needed to open the items with. This would be done with the multi-function option available when creating a new button. (Edit) ** I might have messed up the basic JD AC.ID thing above but the hierarchy of events is basically how it would work.)

How much of this can be accomplished with the StreamDeck Mobile app I’m not sure… but here is a link for a YT video that explains the Mobile app quite nicely. Cat Mulvihill presents in a very fresh, sensibly paced, informative way – well worth the watch!

Here’s another link that shows how to use the 64 button Mobile StreamDeck app to speed up workflows and organize yourself (fewer buttons on the phone app but still very useful). This one is from Elgato Workshop, has what sounds like an automated voice, but isn’t irritating like some.

@fender also uses treesheets :slight_smile: a bit more info in this thread.

A bit of info on Logseq with this thread

I’ll be turning this in to a new area on the site & forum, likely 30-39 Tools & technology. Thoughts on the name welcome.

So then all of these scripts, external tools, whatever, can have a first-class home on the site. The GitHub repo for is currently private because [reasons] but I’ll move those reasons to a new repo and make this one public again. Then y’all can PR if you want. Or send things to me and I’ll add them.

I’ll create the same structure here on the forum.

I’d like to get to this this week. Let me know your thoughts.

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:rofl: Just noticed this.

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It is, right?!:rofl::joy:

Sounds like a plan!!

awesome-johnnydecimal would be techie convention :wink:

Or, more usefully, something with other in the name, maybe JD with other tools and technologies.

A bit about Everything as a search tool

I went with

30-39 Technology and tools
   31 Apps and utilities
      31.01 Built for the system
      31.02 Other useful tools

Understandable to all and, most importantly, looks good in the sidebar and doesn’t wrap on to the next line! :laughing:

Here’s a deploy preview. I’ll be finishing this today. Me and Lucy are heading to the National Library to work. Packing an egg sandwich and a flask of coffee! One of our favourite things.

31.01 will be a list of utilities, as there aren’t that many. 31.02 will be a modified version of a shared Excel sheet that @_FJ kindly started.

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Nice and short.

I have some things cooking that will hopefully be fit for 31.01 sometime soon.

Would it be an idea for 31.02 if people can submit links to forum threads where those ‘plays nicely with’ tools are discussed? Or can people do that in the shared spreadsheet (can’t find a link to it (yet?))

Yeah it’s not published yet. It’ll be available to edit by anyone.

Tool for tagging e-mails in Outlook here

A little bit about Personal Brain and Snagit here

The website has a new area :partying_face:

Two new pages in new area 30-39 Technology and tools, category 31 Apps and utilities.

Still a bit of work to do adding all of the entries, which I’ll chip away at over the next few days.

Update: renamed it to 30-39 The library to make it more broad/useful.

A bit about Teracopy Pro (for moving/shifting files around)

Just added a ‘contributed by’ field. If you’d like your name/handle/whatever added to an existing entry, drop it here or let me know by mail.

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You could also make it a used by, for multiple people? So you know who to reach?
You can add mee for datacurator-filetree, free-lunch, Obsidian.
And could you add TickTick for todos?

Great idea! Doesn’t work as well in the embedded version, but once you click through to Airtable it’s fine.

I just banged that together between cooking dinner, happy to hear suggestions for different fields.