Question for y’all

A basically permanent question in my mind is whether I should rebuild the site using [some easier thing than I use today].

The current site is built using Gatsby. It’s fine. But now I’ve kinda forgotten how to update it and barely dare to touch it. You may notice that it hasn’t been updated in forever.

I just found Markdoc. It’s simple, clean, and you can just download the template and go.

So: should I rebuild the site? So I can actually add more content? But it’ll look like just another documentation site. Although I guess I can customise it to some degree … though I probably wouldn’t bother.

What’s more important, how it looks vs. the content? For me speed is really important. My current site is lightning fast, but Markdoc looks snappy so I don’t think that’s a concern.

Discuss! Thanks.

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I just rebuilt a site using Mkdocs . Works well.

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Either or :slight_smile: I like the current website for its simplicity and flow. Content is more important than how it looks though. If you have the time to rebuild it and that in turn means you would update/refine the site more often/easily, then I’d say go for it.


Speaking as a guy who has maintained a forum community for more than a decade, I have truly learned this: If it works, don’t fix it.

I don’t see any forum spam on your site, and that is otherwise the biggest problem. I don’t see any content problems. I don’t miss any functionality.

I don’t see any reason to change what you have. It works. Leave it be.

In my experience, if you sdast changing things, you will find yourself with a looong list of details to iron out. Do you have time to handle that, next to your busy Real Life? I do not.

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Haha, thanks! Yeah I don’t really want to change it, I just feel bad because I’m not updating it. But then I don’t really have anything to update it with.

I am at peace with my thing just being this small thing. I don’t feel the need to make it grow, but I just wanted to be sure that others felt the same.

You just saved me hours! :wink:

Hours? You’re being very optimistic.

Honestly, your site works so well, there’s no need to change anything. You have no problems - savor that!

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He is talking about his site, not the forums…