Prospects and Clients

11.XX - Cleints
12.XX - Prospects

When I engage with a prospect - meaning they are talking to me telling me their needs - I make a txt file and put it a new folders.

If that prospect becomes a client then what?

Do I change the folder and add it to the bottom of my list of clients?

But that would break the chain of emails if I use the number etc right?
Then I guess I could just add the 12.XX to the top of the text file that is now 11.xx to remind myself that those numbers also exist.

Just thinking through this.

For me, consistent numbering takes precedence. That’s why I don’t distinguish between potential and actual customers. For me, there are only customers (11.xx). If a potential customer does not become an actual customer, then he is archived. (Sorry for my bumpy English; I am German speaking).

Can you explain how you archive something?


I wonder if flipping the JD number to the end like I explain here might help? Then you just have one category for all of the clients and it doesn’t really matter if they’re a client or a prospect?

I move the folder “11.xx” in the folder “Archive”.