Posso farlo? la mia configurazione JD con monotag per evernote - pc - mac e archivio cartaceo

Hi everyone I’m trying to setup my first JD system. I have several doubts.
I want to use the JD system on the following platforms:

If it were possible the same system also on my PAPER ARCHIVE

I’m a little skeptical that my brain would be capable of memorizing numbers. Also, for the Evernote app on iOS devices it’s not a good idea to nest categories.
Therefore I thought of using a technique that I was already experimenting with in evernote. Mono-tags (single tag to indicate multiple areas and categories).
I would therefore like to have some advice for those who already use johnnydecimal to know if my way of thinking violates the rules imposed by the system. I’ll give you an example:

    In my case to make it work on all platforms, including Evernote, it would become like this
    10-19 PERSONAL
  • 11.01 PER.DOCUMENTS.CERTIFIED (in evernote I would only use this tag for my note or for my document, inserting it in a nested manner under the two parent tags 10-19 PERSONAL\11DOCUMENTS)
    The AREA is then recalled using only the first three letters (PER). The moment I insert the dot (.) evernote lists all the tags I created after PER. which in my case is for example SUPPLIERS - VEHICLES etc. (the dot symbol delimits the next category)
    it works the same way when you search with alfred on mac
    If you wanted to do it this way instead:
    10-11 PERSONAL
  • 15.02 FOR.SUPPLIERS.LIGHT.BILLS on the PC/Mac I would still have this structure:
    10-12 PERSONALS
  • 15.01 LIGHT.BILLS (up to this point I don’t think I’ve violated any rules)
  • but could I also add another folder? 15.01 SUPPLIER NAME and therefore would become:
    10-12 PERSONALS
  • 15.01 LIGHT.BILLS
    - 15.01 supplier name
    aa-mm-dd name file
    In this way with 15.01 I always indicate all the bills that refer to the electricity service I simply wanted to specify the name of the manager.
    In evernote to indicate the subfolder I would use the ^ symbol (which I already use to indicate names of people, shops where I purchase, government bodies, car model etc…
    I really need your suggestion and know if this can work thanks

I used Evernote for Genealogy many years ago. At the time I used a tag-based system. You can see it here (look at the ‘Coding System’ section) Evernote for Genealogy: Creating a Linked Research Log Index | Colleen Robledo Greene

If I were to redo that approach now, I would use Stacks for the broader categories (10-19 PERSONAL) then folders for the next level (11 DOCUMENTS) and then Notes for the lower level (11.01 PER.DOCUMENTS.CERTIFIED). You could also use tags for each stack, notebook and note giving you multiple paths for everything. If you have multiple scanned documents in a note (not sure if that’s possible in Evernote) each one can be tagged separate from the note’s tag.

As of now all of my Genealogy scans, saved web pages, family history pedigrees and books, etc. are all saved on Google Drive in folders using a basic JD hierarchy numbering system. Instead of tags I just utilize search.

Similarly, all non-Genealogy items, everything else in life, is in a separate JD system, also in Google Drive. But, I’m sure you could make it work in Evernote as well.

Thank you. I think you had a great idea. I could use the notebooks to create the area and the categories while for the final id I could use the tag. I had already read some of your posts and I saw that you are very precise and tidy. Thanks for your advice. However, I think I will continue to use Evernote because I find it very quick to take notes and it has a truly remarkable search engine. So when I insert a document I make sure to enrich the note with many keywords that I could use to carry out my searches. Thanks again.
update: I can’t use the notebooks because in evernote there can’t be more than 250 so they wouldn’t be enough for my current configuration. I think the only alternative is to use the MONO-TAG

Sorry, could I use this facility or based on your experience is it better to avoid it? example

└── 60-69 TECNOLOGY/
    ├── 61 OS/
    │   └── 61.01 WINDOWS/
    │       ├── 61.01 GUIDE-TUTORIAL
    │       ├── 61.01 APPLICATIONS

Or do you advise against this method?