Please check my JD setup

I came across JD while looking for a way to organize files while using Obsidian, and I really wanted to apply it.

So, I’m organizing it and I want to check if my understanding is correct.

I want to use JD to organize my personal life, my work life, and my personal knowledge management as a developer.

I will attach a mind map.

I have a question.

That’s a depth level of 60-69 Dev.

61.01 Java is a folder and underneath it are files. If your topic is primarily Java-related, try creating the file under 61.01. However, if I organize it like this, it seems like there will be a lot of files under the Java folder.

Is it right for this to happen? Or should we move Java one level higher? Like “61 Java”?

If you don’t need to upload it, I understand that JD has a total of 3 depths. Is this correct? The actual file is created in the 4th layer.

I’m in the early stages of implementing things, and I’ve had to actually scope-out all of my code repositories. I use Python primarily and I’ve got a group of virtual environments that are deeply nested, and each is unique from the next. I’m thinking of tying this into the index with pointers to github and/or using some clever(ish) symlinks to get me to the right local development environment when I need it.

I’ll be curious to see any other feedback you get. I’m sure there are several approaches to this one but it seems tricky.

You’ve got the essential bones of it here, yes. Just watch your numbers there, under 11 Hobby you’ve got 20.__ which should be 11.__.

For the Java question, ask yourself, ‘what Java things will I be saving here?’

Your IDs — 61.01 — should be reasonably distinct things. It would help to know more about the sorts of things you intend to save, but having Java as its own category might be what you’re after.

Yep, those folders with a full JD ID — 11.01 Tennis — are the only place you can store files. You can’t store them directly under a category or an area.

Code repositories are one of the exceptions for me. I do not store them in my JD structure.

A few reasons. Obviously they require their own internal structure which is usually pretty standard per-language. Don’t go messing with that; your build tools won’t thank you.

Mine doesn’t sit in my primary Documents folder, which is cloud synchronised. Good luck with that when npm install dumps 400,000 files in to node_modules.

Mine live at ~/dev. And honestly they’re not very well organised at that top level, but I have so few of them, it doesn’t really matter.

What I don’t do that I should — and when I reorganise later this year I will — is assign these repositories a JD ID. So they’re not even in my index. This is a mistake. Even if I don’t use the JD ID in the repository folder name on my file system I should still have its location recorded in my index.

I like this idea a ton. Once I get the rest of my house in order I’ll definitely check back on this and I’ll probably do the exact same thing.

Is it a basic rule to create a folder called “How to Play a Good Tennis Forehand” under the “11.0.1 Tennis” folder? Or is it basic to create a folder and create a file under it?

Depends how much stuff you’ve got that relates to improving your forehand.

Just a few documents? Put them directly under 11.01.

More than a few but less than a whole bunch? Subfolder in 11.01.

More than a whole bunch?[1] Maybe they deserve their own ID?

  1. Using the well recognised SI units of ‘a few’ and ‘a whole bunch’. ↩︎