Personal AND a shared system?

Hi folks,

Have just bought the book and am reading through for the first time.

One thing I’m curious about … both my wife and I are likely to use the system (me definitely, her probably). Should we have separate systems, a single shared system (I worry it would fill up too quickly) or both our own personal systems AND a shared system?

I could see many of the categories in “Life Admin” overlapping and then there are obvious documents/files etc that are relevant to us both (shared mortgage, bank accounts etc).

Interested to hear others thoughts. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Having then looked through the suggested threads related to my post and finding Johnny’s personal structure maybe we could just share one system???

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Feels like a shared system to me. You can always branch out with your own later if needed but I always say to start with one and get used to it first.

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Thanks Johnny … we’ll start there and see how we go.

Loving the book btw … feeling inspired by the idea of getting things under control.

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