Patreon or Stripe

I love your idea of being a “donor” through either Patreon or Stripe… but quite frankly I’m not ready to shell out either $60 ($5 x 12) or $100 quite yet.

I looked at both Stripe and Patreon with the intent of donating $25 but there is no option for that one-time amount. Can you advise… or better yet, create such an option?

Thanks… keep up the good work!

Thanks very much, that’s very kind. I appreciate it. Whenever someone supports us we think about the meal it will buy! :laughing:

US$25 one-off link here!

OK, done. For that I am expecting and anticipating 40 hours of on-site consulting here in Florida within the next 7 days! (Just kidding of course.) Or maybe you prefer to send me a First Class ticket to Canberra? (been to Oz, loved it… but did not make it to Canberra)

But I might suggest you change the request on your website to be a variable amount… not the fixed $100 that is there now. Just a thought.


Ah man if I could be in Florida this afternoon you know I would be. It’s cold here, frost on the ground in the morning. At least Canberra tends to have clear blue skies during the day. I’m originally British and for 6 months of the year you basically don’t see the sun. Miserable.

That $100 was a random idea, I really was mostly just playing with Stripe. One person has done it! Can you believe it. I’m not sure Stripe even does variable payment, I’ll have a look in an idle moment.