Parity between notes and folders


Just learned about the JD system today and it seems pretty cool!

I’m in the middle of revamping my general note-taking system which is how I came across it.

Started drafting what my areas and categories might be and I realized that there are probably some things I am likely to capture in my notes that I wouldn’t capture in my docs, and vice versa.

For example - not going to save a .mov in my notes app. (For context: I’m setting up Obsidian)

My question is this:
If I have a system in my notes app and a system in my computer - should they have perfect parity?

On the one hand I can see how I would want 22.13 to match up between the two spaces, but on the other hand the content just might not be the same.

So the real answer, I suspect, is that I should try to eliminate overlap between the contents of the two systems?

Yes, they should have perfect parity. Not every ID has to be on both systems. If you have a note to 21.09 but no further file, then you don’t need to have a folder 21.09 on your computer. But 21.09 should everywhere be the same.

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Im using Obsidian too and have identical system. I know that some numbers will never be used in notes/folders but thats not a problem.

The only thing that might cause slight confusion is seach, since you would get double results. What helped me is that the folders have custom icons. You also filter obsidian folder from search.

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Gotcha - so in theory some numbers get “skipped” in one system vs. the other?

So in my NOTES it might be:
21. Finances
|_ …
|_ 21.09 Something
|_ 21.10 Another Thing
|_ 21.15 A Third Thing

And in my documents it might be:
21. Finances
|_ …
|_ 21.09 Something (same in both)
|_ 21.12 Unique Thing
|_ 21.13 Another Unique Thing

Ah okay! Good tip I will think about the icons as well.
I also realized I could make the root of my Obsidian vault the root of my documents and then maybe merge everything into one system?

But still considering what the trade-offs of that might be.

I was thinking about that too. But decided against it cause i wanted my obsidian folder to be small.
I could be convinced thou.

Exactly right. You got it.

This is also why Johnny recommends keeping a separate index somewhere so you can keep track of what you’ve used. That index usually has the JD index number “00.00”.