Organising knowledge here

I’d like to build an organisational structure as this forum grows. (I just can’t help myself.) So already we have posts on:

  • Making a new system.
  • Questions about versioning things.

And these feel like topics that will come up again. I’d like to link them together somehow. I don’t think ‘Categories’ is what we want, plus I don’t want the poster to have to decide where a thing goes, I want (anyone) to be able to link this stuff together later.

I see Discourse has a ‘Tags’ feature. Anyone used it? I suppose I could just turn it on and find out.

Otherwise I just create some meta-posts and within those posts we can link to other comments. That feels a bit more flexible to me, allows for some additional commentary, and is maybe a bit more discoverable?

Your thoughts please.

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Most of the Discourse forums I am in seem to use Categories as the primary organisational method. You might want to look at Keyboard Maestro Discourse - Discussion forum for Keyboard Maestro, the powerful macro program for macOS for example.

Then tags can become a second tier organisational tool.

I think I’ve probably now suggested exactly what you discounted in your opening statement, though.


Could you just use JD for category names?

00-09 Meta

instead of just Meta?

Probably overkill, but I like the continuity lol

I love the idea of adding J.D numbers to the category names. I don’t know how actually useful it would be, but it sure is fun.

However, I worry about a proliferation of categories causing confusion. I’m in several forums which have way too many categories and it makes it difficult when posting, especially for newcomers. Food for thought, anyway.

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I mean it’s almost criminal if I don’t, right? …

You know what I’ll do first is to write the 00-09 explainer post that I’ve had in draft for a while. Then I’ll rename the category here.

@jack.baty Yeah it’s the paralysis-of-choice thing I want to avoid. (Excellent book.)