Numbering files?

On your project page you say:

So this means that my system looks like this.

496 Any old project
    10-19 ...
    20-29 An interesting area// no project number here
        21 A great category// or here
            496.21.11 My favourite ID
            // but check me out!

Within that folder, if I saved an Excel file I would call that file `496.21.11 Whatever descriptive name I’d use.xlsx.

Does that last sentence mean i) you number files and, ii) you do so by giving them the same number as the folder containing them?

ie. 496.21.11 Whatever descriptive name I’d use.xlsx exists within 496.21.11 My favourite ID?

I don’t usually number the actual files living within the jd folders. Since when searching you look for the folder and then have the file.

Depending on the importance and or project it might still be beneficial to follow a file naming convention where I set predefined filetypes (since I had a lot of them in certain subfolders)

I had one for my apartment building project like below:



I’ll clarify that page (one day) because yes, sometimes I number my files.

I find it helpful for things like Excel and Word so you can see the number in your menu/toolbar, and in the ‘recently open’ list of files.

For other types of document/file I don’t use the number. So it’s not a hard rule, just a might-help-use-if-you-like suggestion.

That’s what I suspected. Thanks.