Notion template & helper script

Hey all. FYI I’m putting together a Notion template and various helper scripts so you can, for example, run your index in Notion and have file system folders created automatically. Or it’ll watch your file system and if you create a folder there without a corresponding index entry it can alert you.

Or whatever! It’s code. That I haven’t written yet.

:point_right: There’s a Discord thread here for comments/feedback/whatever. :point_left:

Note that you need to already be a member of the Discord for this link to work. See post below. And if it still doesn’t work, it’s the thread titled ‘Notion template & Deno script’ in the #01.01 channel.

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That thread now has a couple of Notion templates linked.

I seem to be unable to see the Discord message, nor find the JD channel on Discord. Can someone send me an invite link por favor?

Sorry, I’m not the best at Discord. That link might only work if you’re already a member of the channel.


I guess I had unjoined during some recent clean-up. But now I’m back in, and thank you :slight_smile:

That discord link didn’t work for me either

Updated the first post, above.

won’t let me join the discord

Odd. Try this one?

I was just thinking about sharing two tools that I have that I believe correlate to activities people using this system may commonly want or need to leverage. One is a batch file that Tag’s Folders (not files) through a context menu, the other is a Bulk Renaming excel file that can rename files and file paths based on an existing list. Would discord be the best location for these items to be shared?

If they’re on GitHub, create a new post here and share the links?