Need for more categorization/taxonomy

I’d like to maintain two dimensions and PRO.AC.ID but I need a couple more folders/sub-folders

I really like the idea of using [xx.yy] as a way for me to remember and find anything in any of the separate systems I use for work, school, and life. The format of PRO.AC.ID also creates a unique identifier across all different systems and I want to maintain that format. This is why I’m converting to Johnny Decimal.

Johnny “Decimal” Noble made an extremely good point by identifying that your folder/sub-folder structure is basically a series of questions you need answer when you’re trying to find something in your files. I am finding a need for more taxonomy/categorization in my system, which basically means another question. I don’t mind answering another question as long as it better serves my needs and gets me to where I need to be. However, I don’t want change the PRO.AC.ID structure as it’s already well thought out, simple, useful, and memorable.

I can do this by creating a “group” in between the category and ID while maintaining two dimensions (i.e., xx.yy), but I’m wondering if this has already been discussed. It’s kind of like reusing the idea of areas, but on the other side of the decimal as shown in my screenshot. Has anyone played around with this idea?

Apparently I was writing text that was being interpreted as code before :sweat_smile: