Naming sensitive folders of evidence related to ex partners/children’s fathers

Hi there.
I have to keep a record of (sensitive) information and communication between myself and my ex partners/children’s fathers, for example text messages, letters, solicitors letters, court orders, records of contact, records of victim courses etc that I have had to take, record of communication with professions, which all come in the form of PDFs text messages and images.
I really do not know how to name the main folder for this information and don’t want to title anything by their names. it is a folder that needs to be used regularly, but I do not want to think of it as an area of life.
I have never organised the information because of this reason, it is all just in one folder, mixed up.

Are you using a Mac or PC?

On either platform — but I know how to do it on a Mac — you can create encrypted disk images. I used to do this when I was a wedding celebrant: I didn’t just want my clients’ personal information in my iCloud Drive. So you create a disk, store stuff on there, and when that disk is ejected the data is fully encrypted.

That’s one option but is obviously a bit technical. I’m very happy to help if you’re interested.

Otherwise I’d just make up a codename. Project Shoehorn or whatever nonsense comes to mind!

I’m out of my personal experience here though. Hopefully someone else has real-life experience.

I’ve had a situation similar to yours, but business wise. I did exactly what @johnnydecimal suggested: used an encrypted disk image titled with a codename. This kept unwanted eyes away and in the case someone stumbles upon the disk image file, it is password protected anyway.

Thank you Johnny and Martine! I decided to go for code names :slight_smile: and all password protected.