My version 1.0 JD project

I’ve been working my system for a couple of weeks, following the process in the JD workbook. Settling on this as my version 1.0, but would love some opinions from others. My existing archive setup had some similarities to JD, basically having areas with shallow sub-categories below that. However, with JD, I hope to be able to unify my system to include all of my stuff at home and work.

Like many people, I did worry a bit about having enough areas and categories, but I realised that my existing areas were quite well defined and unlikely to expand significantly so I was more comfortable keeping the number of categories used to a minimal level. I feel comfortable there is a lot of real estate to expand into in the future.

I was particularly happy with my Events category to help keep track of planning for annual celebrations. These aren’t big or complex projects (mostly just needing a planning note) so I plan to reuse the ID every year.

Having each area have the x9 category be Archive also added some consistency and saved some space. I’ll also make use of further subfolders under some IDs when it makes sense, for example in my health folder to store mine and my children’s health records.

Thanks for any feedback, suggestions or questions.

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This makes me so happy. This looks great.

Love the use of _9 for archive, I do the same.

Thanks Mr Decimal!

It makes me happy too.

Just trying to decide on where to keep my index. Apple Notes would be the sensible choice as I share a lot of notes with my wife, but also the simplicity of a text document and being able to see everything in one place appeals to me.

Hello CTO

I’m using your structure as a reference but I don’t know some abbreviations (40-49 GP, 43 CPD…).
Could you please write full words?

Hi Huka

These acronyms are probably very specific to my situation, but happy to explain:

  • GP = general practitioner (my job)
  • CPD = continuing professional development