My personal life system / ask for advices

Hi Johnny and all friends

The below are my designed system and i would like to ask for some advices. thanks

In-Scope : My personal life related stuffs
Out-Scope : My job’s documents and not related to me things

  • 00 Archive
    • 01 Date Backup
    • 02 Statements
    • 03 Other Documents
  • 10 Investments
    • 11 Stocks
    • 12 House
    • 13 Insurance
  • 20 Life Admin
    • 21 Person Documents
    • 22 Bank and Broker
    • 23 Tax
    • 24 Projects
    • 25 Heath
    • 26 Migration Plan
    • 27 Filled Applications
  • 30 Personal Growth
    • 31 Books and reading
    • 32 Notes
    • 33 Journal
    • 34 Good memory
  • 40 Career
    • 41 Education
    • 42 Jobs
    • 43 Interviews
  • 50 Entertainments
    • 51 Photos
    • 52 Music
    • 53 Movies
    • 54 Video Games
    • 55 Travel
  • 60 Miscellaneous
    • 61 Software
    • 62 Information
    • 63 Warranties
    • 64 User Manuals

Hi Tony! Welcome, good to have you here.

This looks pretty solid. My only question would be whether there’s enough difference between 32 Notes, 33 Journal, and 34 Good memory for you to be sure in the future where something is?

It’s these sort of situations where I find myself confused later. Because they’re all really close to each other, conceptually.

Not saying don’t do it — just worth having another look at so you’re sure.

Hmm similarly with some of your financial stuff. Stocks, house, insurance, bank and broker, tax … all really similar, in my mind.

Here’s the test: you go on holiday for a year. :beach_umbrella: Lucky you. When you come back, can you remember where things were in each of those categories? Or are they a bit too close to each other and therefore a bit confusing?

How many IDs will you have in 12 House? Perhaps you’re a property developer and the answer is ‘dozens’, in which case fine. But otherwise how many houses does a person buy?

Hi Johnny

Thanks so much for your advices. much appreciated. My original plan was to put the investment to Life admin, but i changed finally because my target is to be an investor and think that it would become a great part of my life.

32 Notes , 33 Journal , and 34 Good memory are really ambiguous indeed and will think deeper.

For the financial stuff, because i will relocate to different countries sometimes, and that’s why i would like to have them separate in different folder.

thanks again for your book and advices. This is exactly what i need. Previously before i found your book, I had no idea of organizing my stuffs and found that quite messy. I was so long to have a book and someone like you to teach me how to do categorizing and put things together tidily.

I will try to contemplate again to improve my JD system. thanks

My pleasure. It sounds like you’ve given your system some good thought — if you’re happy with it, don’t let me tell you that it’s ‘wrong’.

There’s no wrong and right here, we’re all different. I just try to point people in the right direction. :slight_smile:



Just messing with ya

Just to be constructive to this conversation:

Here’s something I have thought about a lot;

26 is Migration Plan, what happens after you migrate? I struggle to list any potentially temporary plan as a category, because then I use up 1% of my total space to something that I might want to delete later (upon completion).

This has led me personally to having a 3-level deep JD system, where any topic that may have an “end state” like “migration” is an ID, and the ID is broader: “Residency”. I will always be resident somewhere, and I will always need to administer that area of my life.

So I have 20-29-projects, 23-independence, 23.03.residency, 23.03a.scotland. I could then subset so many sub-parts of the categories what you have written here as further projects. E.g. 23.03b.residency.through.investment etc.

What do you both think?

Don’t worry about it being temporary. I’ve got tons of IDs for things that happened and have now finished.

But it does sound like a broad category for something that isn’t going to happen very much. It’s like a category buy a new car. How many new cars do you buy? The category should be automotive and that includes motorbikes and car servicing and whatever else.

I’d suggest that your migration activities need to be an ID within a broader category. That could be something like where I live and then in there you also include buying/renting a house, the act of moving, and all that.

Too complicated! Stick with the system.