My Basic Structure

Have ended up with this, thought I would share.

My Goals, Quick Projects, Tasks (GTD stuff) are in 00-09 SYSTEM > 01.01 Goals / 01.02 Projects / 01.03 Tasks etc.

My personal records are in 20-29 FAMILY > 20 SELF

50-59 PROJECTS is a bit dynamic, and houses currently active longer-term items.

I am trying to do my work in Bear, but I really need them to get their web app underway. If it takes too long I will end up in OneNote as I am at work…

Registered for the course… Wishing you lots of success, Johnny!



Any suggestions for a web-notes app that will also sync with my Mac and my iPhone are welcome!
I had used Simplenote for years, but it just doesn’t seem work all that smoothly with JD.

Ah really? That’s a shame. Any particular issue with it?

Simplenote was always basic — clue’s in the name — but functional. Though I haven’t used it in anger in … ooh perhaps 10 years now.

The biggest issue was that without nested tags, I end up with this huge list of Area and JD numbers in sequential order as my tags list. It was unwieldly, I could not overview and then drill down. When I wasn’t trying to group things, a few tags was sufficient and the rest was just search (lot’s of “lost” stuff in their though). Once I want to get it under control, the tool just didn’t seem to function that way.