Multiple Notes with the Same AC.IC?

I am slowly working through my Simplenote system and migrating to Johnny Decimal. But I don’t know that it will work to have only 99 notes per AC… because of all the note I already have related to the same ID.

Here is what I have setup:
60-69 Property
----60 Houses
-------60.01 Landsdowne
-------60.01 Room Dimensions
-------60.01 Eavestrough Replacement

My index just lists “60.01 Landsdowne” but all the notes related to this location start with 60.01. This means seach pulls up the list nicely. But, I am repeating the AC.ID. Am I missing something or is there a better way?

If all of those notes relate to the same thing – the Landsdowne house? – then it’s totally fine for them to have the same ID.

At some point this might get out of hand. Like if you totally redeveloped the house then you probably wouldn’t want to have everything linked to one ID. But if it’s just a few jobs that you’re tracking over time, that’s cool.

This is all part of my new view on ‘what is an ID’, which I’ve been thinking about a lot recently and will update on the site soon. So apologies if this isn’t clear right now, I’m on it. :slight_smile:

Nice, thank you! Yes, my principle here is that everything with the ID refers to some aspect of the same thing. I initially did it quickly just tossing notes into the same “folder.” Then realized I had nowhere further to go… It’s working so far. I appreciate being able to check with you so I don’t have to go through the analysis that you seem do somewhat naturally. Thanks for the blessing :wink:

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Hi there! I’ve recently found Simplenote just to use for quick notes to save for later. But, it doesn’t really have a structure system such as folders. It does have tags but they don’t seem to nest. How re you organizing theses notes? Thanks!

Hi Derek, correct in that Simplenote does not have nesting tags. I am just putting the same AC.ID at the beginning of each note name. When I punch in the #, I do get a list of several notes, but it is not a big deal because the remainder of the title tells me what I want.