Migrating the server (probably) – just for info at this stage

Hey there. I’m consolidating some servers and will be moving this server as part of that activity.

If you’ve got a sec could you help me out by logging in at https://forum-racknerd.johnnydecimal.com and kicking the tyres? Just log in and post some nonsense, whatever. All good, tests done.

I’m 99.9% sure that the Discourse migration is as simple as it sounds – just restore a backup – but a couple of external validations would be nice.

I’ll schedule an outage to do the actual migration if everything looks okay.

@jack.baty FYI in case you have any accounts linked to the old server that you can decommission as a result. The new server uses my mail servers.

@Roman Thanks, all looks normal yeah?

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I tried a comment, like, and file (image) upload. Seems good to me!

The old server was in a Digital Ocean account which I think we both shared ownership of. Will you be deleting that instance or would you like me to?

Where is it going, if I may ask?

Yeah I’ll delete the instance.

Got a VPS over at RackNerd, US$29 for the year! 4th July offer. Oh yeah, happy 4th July! I was there, ooh, 5, 6 years ago. In Washington DC! Hell of a day.

I also have a Linode doing a few bits and pieces hence the consolidation. The new server is larger than the previous two combined and heaps cheaper.

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Okay thanks everyone, test done! Will schedule a migration and let you all know when.

Yep. But I did not test very long.