Managing Shared Items within a System

What’s the best way to go about ID’s that could/should be shared that span different areas? In 10-19 Home Admin I have several areas that have a good amount of ID’s (but not all) as things that should probably be shared with my spouse.

Examples include:

  • Our Vet
  • Our apartment lease
  • Some house projects
  • 16 Travel is an area that is actually all shared

I am using Bear for my notes (which doesn’t work well with collaboration), a house project may start in my notes as something only I need, and then eventually get shared with my spouse when/if it becomes something we both need to reference.

Any ideas, suggestions, or examples would be greatly appreciated!

Yeah this is an interesting one that me and Lucy are about to bump in to. Because I also use Bear.

Sharing files is easy. And maybe you both just know that you control the index, and that if they want to create a new thing they have to tell you about it first. Clumsy, though.

I don’t see a way round having a shared notes system. I’m kinda dreading having to use Apple Notes but I see it in my future.

(If only it supported Markdown, by the way! It’s not a bad app but why for the love of god do I have to remember Cmd+Shift+J for ‘subheading’ or whatever. Whyyyy.)

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JD - with the one note per ID system, this would be doable in Obsidian if the vault was on dropbox, onedrive, googledrive, or iCloud, then it could be shared. With the single note index file then obviously that file (as a txt file or even a word docx) could be shared as well.

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Apple notes is a great app despite the lack of markdown. Great search, great rich media embeds, great integration with all your other apps. My partner is Mac + iPad + Google Pixel (weird!) so we have to find a workaround.

Would the idea of the index come in here? i.e. a note in Bear (the ID) only contains something like "This is shared with her in google docs at ?

That’s exactly it yep.

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I was just thinking this recently. It’s the logical choice for me (can handle files & links well, good collaboration, free), but i so miss markdown. I don’t think it is out of the question with WWDC around the corner. Even better would be an API so third party apps could be based on the Notes database, as can be done for Reminders.


For now I myself have split my personal system from the household system. Both have a separate index.

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