Learn with Lucy - Hosting company!

I am enjoying the Learn With Lucy Excel course but find the software used to deliver the content a bit (lot) frustrating. Several times now I have had the Cloudlfare warning telling me it cant connect with the hosting site , this means that the hosting company had gone offline. I can’t find a way to download the course so I can watch it on a plane trip. I set up each video at 1.25 speed and 1020p resolution only to find I have to set this again for next video. I have no way to make my own notes . There are so many better hosting sites out there for delivering online content. I will push on regardless though because the course is enjoyable

It’s Thinkific. We also don’t love them, for a bunch of reasons.

Alas, we won’t be moving any time soon. As you can imagine it was a bit of work loading the course(s) in to the platform.

And I don’t know if any of the other hosting companies are any better to be honest. I’d love feedback from people who’ve used any others. I’m aware of Teachable and that’s about it.

Recommendations please!

Thanks for the feedback though, it’s good to know. One day I’ll just have to build my own solution, but until then… :confused:

This is the best hosting service we have found, we checked out quite a few and this one makes it fun to learn , they are a bit pushy with their communications and seem to be on a mission to conquer the world but fundamentally the product is good

Yeah it’s a little bit (i.e. a lot) sales-y for me! But I’ll add it to the list, thanks.

Cloudflare isn’t the hosting company, it’s whatever Thinkific is using for their platform. Cloudflare is a gateway that allows websites to serve their content to servers closer to you.