Johnnydecimal Rust CLI

I’ve recently been working on a JD CLI in rust. I have been using it for a while, and it seems to work reasonably well, although it is not complete.

To install it, follow the instructions on github. You can either install rust and compile it(good for keeping up with development), or you can download a binary(easy).

Some things I am planning on adding in the future:

  • A better index. The current index is in a format very similar to json, because this is extremely easy.
    In the future I want to change it to plaintext so that it is easier to edit by hand.
  • Some other features, such as opening files and searching.

Feel free to add any issues, suggestions, or PRs.

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Bookmarked for some time in October, I’m planning on sprucing up the main site and will add an area for stuff like this.

(They’ll likely end up on the existing awesome-johnnydecimal, which is neglected.)