Johnny made a new thing: Learn with Lucy

Hey there JD forum friends. I hope you’ll forgive me spruiking [0] a new thing, totally unrelated to JD. I’ve been working on this with my partner since the start of the year and we’re really proud of it. We just made it live on Friday and you’re the first people who aren’t our close friends to hear about it.

[0]: Australian informal, verb: speak in public, especially to advertise a show

TL;DR: it’s an Excel course. I think it’s the best Excel course. I teach my partner, Lucy, how to use Excel. We have fun with it. We call it ‘the most human Excel course’ because we don’t use really tedious examples like every other course. Rather than using sales figures we use our chickens. And other real life stuff.

But more than that, I’ve given the structure of the course a lot of thought. Nothing is assumed. We go slow and explain everything really comprehensively. Lucy has put a ton of work in to the editing, and her summary sheets, and we think it’s a really great learning experience.

Because there are a ton of Excel courses. Who builds another one? Well, I’ve wanted to for years. I know how useful Excel is, and all of the existing courses make me sad. I mean they’re awful, they really are. So, here’s one that isn’t.

It’ll be US$195 retail when it’s fully launched. We’ve done about 70% – as in, the first 70% is done, finished, polished, and we have to record the remaining 30% of videos. So while we ‘soft launch’ it, I’ve made you a coupon code taking $100 off to make it US$95. That’s good value for an Excel course! Oh, and a 7-day no-questions money back guarantee. You really can’t lose. (I hate sales and marketing, by the way. Terrible at self-promotion.)

I’d like to think that I give more than I take, so I hope you’ll forgive me this shameless sell. Who’s going to be the first legit stranger to sign up?! Lucy and I will … shit, I don’t know. We might cry. I’m not kidding.

Here’s a link, the site is, the coupon code is ‘earlydecimal’, but that link will get you right there.

I really hope somebody likes this. Lucy has actually learned Excel. And believe me, she was hopeless when we started. Maybe you will too.

Thanks for reading. I’ll tell Lucy I’ve posted this. She’s really nervous. x


Added to Todoist to look at on Sunday! Thanks Lucy, super looking forward to this!

I completed the course last week and it is excellent. Very easy to follow and even though I would consider myself quite an advanced Excel user (I was simply beta-testing it), I actually learned quite a few new things I had no idea about.

I have already signed both of my parents up as they are aware of Excel, but want to understand Excel properly and the initial feedback from them is also excellent.

I thoroughly approve.


Aaaaah fantastic, thanks Alex!

Full disclosure y’all. Alex is my best friend. :slight_smile: But he’s also very honest!